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You may ask, why should one remember oneself? It has to do with this question of awakening. We can never awaken unless we wish to do so, and such a wish cannot arise in us unless we know we are asleep. Another quality we ascribe wrongly to ourselves is that we can “do.” Man as he is can do nothing. Everything happens; everything is an accident. This is very hard for people to accept. Even when we accept it with our minds, it is so deeply ingrained in us to believe that we can do, that we go on as before. This applies to so-called leaders as much as to the rest of us, even more. Ordinary man, man as he is, man as we are, can do nothing. We are under many influences of which we are quite unaware, from the planets, from the moon, from all the circumstances of life, from our heredity. Everything influences us. Every action we perform, every thought we think, every feeling, every sensation is initiated from sources outside ourselves. It happens.

G.I. Gurdjieff